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Do you enjoy collaborating with clients at the outsourcing software development company? Do you frequently link your friends with the resources they need? Are you naturally a promoter?

Our Affiliate Program

In addition to the services you already offer, if you are a reputable consultancy, an independent consultant, or a marketing agency, you could need software development services for your clients. We recognize that developing software is not one of your top priorities. Still, we are prepared to take on this responsibility and provide your clients with software specifically suited to their industry and business requirements.

We can look for new chances for custom software development services if you work in sales. It would be best if you supplied us with pertinent leads, and we'll compensate you for your work through our referral program.

Join the RightQlick's Affiliate Programme to receive compensation for the leads you send us for IT consulting and software development services.

Choose A Referral Rate Model

Flat Rate Model

Suits first-time affiliates experimenting with the affiliate commission methodology.

Recurring Rate Model

It is suited for SMBs with experience in the affiliate marketing sector seeking long-term additional income generation.


Join the affiliate program from a leading software development and consulting company and utilize your content to earn profits.

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Best Affiliate Commission Prices

As a top mobile app development company, we provide enticing commission rates for our affiliate partners.

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Quick Payout

There is no lengthy waiting period when you work as one of our affiliate partners.

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Effective online model

As a leading app development company, we use a successful affiliate commission-earning scheme for our business partners.

Become an Affiliate Partner of a Software Development Company

Work as an affiliate for the top web and mobile app development company and earn a commission for online content-based referrals.

How RightQlick Affiliate Program Work:

Here’s how Our Affiliate Program Works:


Join the Program

The RightQlick's affiliate program is open to everyone. You don't even have to be a customer of RightQlick to advertise RightQlick, seriously. But to be a fruitful affiliate, you need to:
Recognize the significance of software and app development and support the RightQlick's Work.


Share With Your Audience

To earn that sweet recurring commission, all you need to do is start sharing online content to endorse our services in all the right places, as we want you to be a successful affiliate.



The more you promote RightQlick's work to your audience, the greater the opportunity to earn more commissions.

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Do you require more details regarding the partnership? Get in touch with us to discuss a free consultation and possible collaboration.

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